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battery setup on the offroad camper Boreas XT


Find a battery set up option that works best for your off grid needs

The Boreas Campers XT comes standard with one 115ah AGM battery. This stores the power from the rooftop solar panel and runs the interior and exterior lights, Maxxair fan, Truma fridge and the cabin and galley USB and 12v charging stations. 

Power needs vary from person to person and one camp trip to another, but we say that if the battery is fully charged it can power the camper for 2-3 days without additional sun. With 3-4 hours of sunshine each day the battery can stay at an operable level. 

Single AGM battery in an off grid camper trailer

A popular add-on option is an additional AGM battery. If the need arises to charge a laptop, larger camera, or run a coffee maker that extra juice is necessary (Side note: One of our inverter options is required for 110V power while off grid.)

Double AGM battery setup in an off grid camper trailer

Another option is to switch to a single or dual Battle Born lithium battery option. These are popular because if they dip below 50% they do not sustain damage like the AGMs. And if they are fully depleted they can come back whereas an AGM battery can be ruined. 

Double Battle Born lithium battery setup in an off grid camper trailer

The argument against lithium in recent years has been that they do not operate below freezing temperatures. Battle Born fixed this issue by installing a heater in the battery that automatically kicks on and protects the batteries when the temperature dips. 

And Battle Born batteries come with a 10 year warranty for additional peace of mind!

Call our Sales Manager at 720-515-3641 to discuss battery options and what would work best for your adventure lifestyle! 

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