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Awnings and Rooms for the Boreas Adventure Camper Trailer


Beat the sun and the rain with the right awning for your adventure camper trailer

The Boreas is designed to be an adventure basecamp, not a place to sit inside after you park in nature. That being said, there are times when you just need to chill, and underneath the awning is a popular spot to enjoy the sights and sounds of the wild.

The Boreas teardrop models all come standard with the 23Zero 8’ straight awning. We love this one because it’s easy to set up, even if it’s just one person. And the optional room enclosure is super handy: it includes all 4 walls and the floor, so you keep dust out, and the walls can be rolled up to reveal a screen underneath keeping mosquitos and raindrops out while you continue to enjoy the view. The dog sleeps in here at night and it’s a handy dressing room in the morning.

Boreas adventure camper trailer

Boreas adventure camper trailer awning

Boreas adventure camper trailer awning room enclosure

Boreas adventure camper trailer awning room enclosure

We also offer the 180 awning, which covers one full side of the trailer. This is handy for extra coverage from the rain and sun. Paired with the open galley door you’ve got protection on 2 full sides of the camper. There are 2 walls for this one that stretch down and out at an angle.

Boreas adventure camper trailer 180 awning

The 3rd awning option is the 270. This will go standard on the XT12 and covers 2 full sides of the trailer. This provides great coverage from the elements and fits the XT12 really well. If you were interested in adding this to one of the teardrop models, just keep in mind that the galley door will not be able to open all the way when the awning is in use. That’s not an issue unless you’re over 6’ 2”, but still good to keep in mind.

Boreas adventure camper trailer 270 awning

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