Adventure Van Expo 2019


Come to the Adventure Van Expo 2019 and chat with the Into the Wild Overland team. Take the opportunity to see an incredible show while discovering new gear and cool products. You can engage with multiple industry experts about their products, buy accessories for your rig or van, and meet trailer manufacturers. The best part is that it’s all free!

You’ll be able to chat with vanlifers and view their workmanship, take part in product demos and enjoy lots of food and beer. If you want to camp, the Prospector Campground is located on Dillon Reservoir between Keystone and Frisco in Summit County.

We’ll be on hand at the Expo to show off our Boreas MXT off-road camper and Boreas XT. We’ll show you why they’re the perfect trailers for your off-road adventures. If you plan to traverse rocky, sandy, muddy or wet areas, they’ll get you where you’re going safely.

Dates: August 10-11, 2019

Location: 201 W Lodgepole Street, Dillon, CO 

Admission: Free

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