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Planning for the Best Overland Trip for Yourself


Get ready for the challenges that may come your way when you decide to go on an overland camping trip.

Overland adventures offer endless recreational activities and experiences. Selecting the right overland route or trail is vital for such activities. Moreover, choosing the best vehicle for overlanding is just as important. After all, it is the safest bet for being self-sufficient in any part of the world. Buying or renting an off-road trailer from renowned travel trailer manufacturers well built for the wilderness should be another priority. These trailers will help you out tremendously in such challenging circumstances.

Plan your trip by choosing the best equipment to ensure you enjoy every bit of your overland adventure. 

Overland Camping Routes to Choose from

Here are some places you can refer to for your next adventure:

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Just off the coast of North Carolina, a chain of barrier islands is located along the Atlantic Ocean, giving the visitors an amazing overland route. These routes can easily be crossed in a 4x4 vehicle with the right tire pressure. 

Overlanding in the Outer Banks

2. Death Valley, California

This is one of the warmest and driest places in North America with off-highway trails. With the right equipment, an individual can explore great geologic and human history here. The best vehicle for overlanding here is a stock SUV which can be used to access most of these trails with the help of a skilled driver.  

Overlanding in Death Valley

3. Moab, Utah

It is viewed as the game of wheeling’s Mecca in the United States. It has off-road camping trails with varying lengths and difficulties, making it suitable for everyone. 

Camping in Moab

4. Black Bear Pass, Colorado

Colorado is home to many off-road trips in the US. Black Bear Road has tight bends, loose terrain, and falling rocks but the views of Ingram, Bridal Veil Falls, and Telluride make up for the challenges.

Overlanding and Black Bear Pass

5. Mojave Road, California

Located mostly within the Mojave National Preserve, it is as if you have traveled back in time and you are following the path of Native Americans and early settlers of California. It is not technically difficult but does cross deep sand, sharp rocks, and deserted areas, making it a challenging but fun overlanding trail for beginners.

6. Morrison Jeep Trail, Wyoming

It is known for its 27 tight switchbacks with exquisite scenery which can be accessed by a 4x4 vehicle. After paralleling the Clarks Fork River, a 2,000-foot climb starts and you reach the stunning high country of Wyoming and Montana. This overland trip will have several trails in the area, making the domestic trip enjoyable for everyone. 

7. Border to Border

Steering from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, almost entirely on dirt. Going past land closures, adding in a few side trips, and extending the run will help you complete this heroic overland adventure. 

8. Rubicon Trail, California

It is considered one of the best wheeling trails in the world. Rubicon Trail is known for its amazing scenery and interesting hurdles. Anyone who has taken this overland route will argue that it should be number one on every wheeler’s bucket list.

9. Lewis and Clark Trail, North Dakota

You can experience great views of North Dakota’s wilderness and an overlook of the Missouri River. Combining history with adventure in this overland trip is an amazing way to explore the United States. 

Choosing the Best Vehicles for Overlanding

Now that you know the best overland routes to take for your adventure, you need a suitable overlanding vehicle to execute your plan smoothly. Getting a camper that matches the road and weather conditions of your destination is going to make your off-road trip trouble-free.  

Boreas makes off-road campers who expect the unexpected. These are versatile, low maintenance, and ready to go immediately. A high-quality vehicle like this that works great in all weather conditions can make your overland camping trip more memorable. 

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for a short or multi-month overland adventure, domestic trips are a great idea - some of the best overland routes are located here. We have brought forward the best 9 overland routes you can choose from.

These routes have varying degrees of difficulty. Under ideal conditions, you can cover most of these with a 4x4. In other cases, traveling in a camper that is well-equipped for such trips is a smart choice. Choose the right overland trip for yourself with the right equipment.


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