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The 2021 Boreas XT Offroad Camper has some major upgrades


Check out the changes we've made to the 2021 Boreas XT offroad camper

Boreas Campers is thrilled to announce the changes to the 2021 AT and XT model!

One of the most exciting upgrades is the Cruisemaster CRS2 independent suspension that is now offered standard on all campers. Cruisemaster has been the Australian standard for offroad capability for the last 40 years, with their XT model largely being responsible for the emergence of independent arm suspension as the preferred choice for all-terrain application. We are the first North American builder to install the Australian brand standard on our campers.

This suspension has been tested in the Australian Outback and Cruisemaster’s Remote Area Testing (RAT) Run Trips. We are so thrilled that Boreas Campers will be the first North American camper manufacturer to install Cruisemaster suspension standard on all of their trailers, and bring Australian ruggedness to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

offroad camper suspensionoffroad camper suspensionoffroad camper suspensionoffroad camper suspension

We have also upgraded the hitch to the Cruisemaster DO35 offroad coupling. This hitch features a drop-on 3.5T articulating all-terrain pin coupling, a patented ‘checklock’ which ensures a secure seal, and a parking brake.

offroad camper hitchoffroad camper hitchoffroad camper hitch

You may have noticed we did not mention the MXT model. This is because with our upgraded chassis, the XT and AT are now able to carry a moto on the tongue with the available moto rack, and eliminated the need to have the MXT separate. All campers will now come with the 2” front hitch receiver, allowing for a bike tray to be installed up front, or a moto tray to be added to the tongue.

offroad camper front hitch receiveroffroad camper front hitch receiver

We now use Tern Overland Wildland doors, the top tier door available in the RV market. The full screen layer allows you to let breezes in and bugs out, and the locking mechanism ensures the same for larger creatures.

offroad camper doorsoffroad camper doorsoffroad camper doorsoffroad camper doorsoffroad camper doors

Zamp 100w solar panels and the Zamp charge controller are now standard. This US-made panel and controller include more efficient energy capture and a 5-year warranty.

offroad camper solar panelsoffroad camper solar panels

Boreas Campers mud flaps are now installed on all campers, water tank capacity has increased to 30 gallons, and the Propex thermostat has been upgraded to the digital model.

All Boreas Campers are now certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. NATM has been dedicated to improving trailer safety and performance for more than 30 years and this certification gives our customers increased confidence in their trailer’s build quality and overall safety.

‘At Boreas Campers we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of where an offroad camper trailer can go. With the updates to the AT and XT models in 2021 we are proud to push that line even further and equip the next batch of backcountry explorers. The 2021 Boreas XT is fully-equipped to handle any offgrid adventure, especially as people continue to desire more distance between themselves and others.’

– Matt Reichel, Boreas Campers Founder and President

offroad camper trailer in the snow

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