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2020 in Review


In which we look back at the weirdest year and dream of the new

Well, 2020 was a YEAR.

What started off normal (besides pesky rumors of a virus in China) changed rapidly to a slow, socially distanced burn in April and May that continues to this day. With 2 vaccines being distributed we have (high?) hopes that 2021 will end the pandemic and things can return to ‘normal’.

We published a blog back in March about the ‘longest mud season’, a term given to the in between time of the year where ski resorts are closed but bike trails are too icy or wet to ride. A time when seasonal workers either flock to the desert or oceans for a break, or stay at home and veg out while they wait for conditions to improve. We never imagined that this mud season would be the strangest of them all, or that it would result in pushing so many MORE people to the outdoors.

And for that, we are grateful. In a year where we couldn’t meet indoors with friends and acquaintances, the outdoors provided solace to many new folks. Sure, there’s an education gap that needs to be filled (how to winterize a camper, leave no trace, etc etc), but with the passing of the Great American Outdoors Act (woo!!) a lot of wanning infrastructure in our National Parks now has the funding to be repaired, and hopefully provide access and resources for old and new users alike.

There are other things that we’re grateful for in this weird year. With the outdoors being the most popular destination for people, we found our campers more sought after than ever. We started the year with inventory at all of our dealers. In March we shut the shop down to comply with local ordinances. By April we were taking a record number of orders and were looking at lead times for the first time ever.

We are now sold out through 2021 which is another ‘weird’ blessing that we are grateful for. While we are not fans of the lead time, we are happy to be in demand, and are looking for ways to shorten those times in every aspect of the business.

We had looked at new shop spaces to expand our manufacturing capabilities around August when demand was at its peak, but September and October showed us that the supply chain was still causing kerfuffles that weren’t going to be worked out anytime soon. Hopefully the new year brings more stability to that portion of the business.

We are grateful for many things in this tumultuous year, but mostly we are grateful for you. For our owners, our employees, our dealers, our followers, our fellow adventurers that value the amazing blessing that is the outdoors here in America. May we never take it for granted and be good stewards of it in the years and adventures to come!

Cheers to the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at Boreas Campers!

offroad camper trailer at night

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