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Top 10 Greatest Overland Trips in North America


Overland trips can offer you a fun-filled adventure only if you know the best routes and how to survive.

Overlanding is one of the most incredible adventure activities of our times. This is especially true when you can embark on these overland camping adventures without ever setting off on an airplane or sea transport. Technology’s greatest gift is automobiles, and ever since man invented them, we have sought to traverse the extremes everywhere. This is where travel trailer manufacturers come in to help.

These automobiles have given man the flexibility to roam around the world and make tracks where there were none before. The 4x4 vehicles of our times are more powerful than ever, enabling us to venture deeper into continents. Here, we list the best overland routes for the perfect overland adventure in North America.

The Best Overland Routes for Adventure and Exploration

Overland trips require plenty of planning; some trips can be months long, while others are weekend escapades into the wilderness. We have got you the perfect mix of overland trip routes to consider for your next camping and off-road adventure. 

1. Holmul, Guatemala

The first overland route on our list takes you on an 'Indiana Jones-style adventure. Deep into the jungle with muddy tracks and plenty of natural wildlife at your disposal, it is one for the truest overland adventure lovers. It is dotted with Mayan archaeological sites of Nakum and Tikai, under the shadow of which you can camp. 

2. Mexican Hat to Moab, Utah

If you’re looking for an overland trip in North America, then choose the Mexican Hat to Moab, Utah circuit, for the best off-roading camping trails. Its scenery reminds one of the great outbacks. This overland route starts from the Mexican Hat on the San Juan River and ends in the Beef Basin and Elephant Hill with a maximum altitude of 3000. 

3. Baja, Mexico

Baja, Mexico, is one of the most rugged and serene overland trips on this list. It offers two overland routes, with one slightly more remote and wild, starting on the MEX1 and winding towards San Evaristo. Both trails offer scenic views of canyons and deep gorges, culminating in pristine beaches perfect for overland camping.

4. Canyon De Chelly

Canyon de Chelly offers one of the most extraordinary overland adventures in North America. Located in the northeast of Arizona, this overland route has two trails. One follows the bottom of the canyon, and the other skirts the top, offering majestic vistas. The trails are easily accessible in the summer months, whereas spring can be treacherous. 

5. The Dempster Highway

Wilderness and isolated places have always filled the adventurer with anticipation. The Dempster Highway in the winters offers just that, a ride full of adrenaline-filled adventure. This overland trip goes up to the last accessible human settlement of Canada, Tuktoyaktuk. The 3000-mile long overland trip follows the McKenzie River for some scenic winter wonderlands. 

6. The Trans-America Trail

For all motorcycle enthusiasts, the Trans-America trail is the best off-road camping trail. This east-west connects the two coastal areas of the United States through dirt roads and off-road tracks. It is the perfect overland route for the diversity of vistas, magnificent sceneries, and a challenging ride spanning almost 5000 miles. 

7. The Mojave Road

The Mojave Road is an overland trip that offers a staunch history lesson. Venue to one of the deadliest standstills involving a lot of death, the route is dotted with the barren Mojave vistas. The 160km off-road track is one of the longest continuous stretched of off raid trails. It also offers highs such as the 6000 ft. tall Pinyon Pines and lows of the dry lakes. 

8. The Grand Arizona Traverse

The Grand Arizona Traverse is a must-visit route if you’re an adventure seeker. This overland route offers a challenge like no other that must be traversed by an experienced driver with a fine set of tires. A 4WD vehicle with plenty of road clearance will get you to the edge of the Grand Canyon, with views aplenty. 

9. The McKenzie Trail

The McKenzie Trail is one of the most arduous overland trips one can find. This off-road is often traversed on foot due to its demanding nature. It goes through boggy mud swamps, hilly terrains, and full-blown forests, making it an adventure of a lifetime. It is suggested to keep a company of three well-stocked vehicles, a winch and a Sat phone on hand. 

10. Punta Mariato, Panama

Are you interested in going to the southernmost tip of North America? Punta Mariato in Panama is a point hundred kilometers inroad from the main highways and just as beautiful. The mud roads leading to it are tricky, but the magnificent ocean-side offers some exotic sceneries for an excellent overland adventure. 

Boreas Campers for All Things Adventure

If you’re looking to traverse these overland adventures, then you must get our Boreas off-road trailers for the journey of a lifetime. It offers rugged support for all your overland journeys.

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